About us

The Gamtos Pilnatve is a company created by three lady friends – Renata, Vaida, and Žydrė – who live in Anykščiai, in our opinion, the most beautiful town of Lithuania. Cherishing our wish to be with Nature we are discovering our true nature and ensuring it by the company name itself, Fullness of Nature.

Everything we do, we focus on striving to rediscover an ancient and powerful relationship between a person and Nature.

The mission of the Gamtos Pilnatvė is to educate, inspire and illuminate the minds and hearts of those desiring to attain a clear and deep understanding of themselves and the world.

We gather herbs and dig roots in the remote meadows by the forests and rivers and create our own natural, high quality cosmetics and special soaps.

We offer unique programs how to create your own natural scent or handmade lip balm, practical teachings for young people wishing to learn about Nature, yoga, healthy lifestyle and themselves.